Why keep Dexters

Why Dexter Cattle.

• A Small Cow with a big future.
• An economic breed.
• A quality small carcase.
• A maternal breed.
• An extremely hardly breed.

Dexter are the ideal small holders cow and an easy size to handle although their strength is deceptive for their size. They are robust little animals but despite some miss leading promotions Dexter do not live on fresh air.

Due to their diminutive size if you have a few acres of land they are an ideal animal for this situation. Although there are lots of rules and regulations to be considered before purchasing any cattle and See Keeping cattle.

The joints are naturally much smaller and as most animals are kept for at least 24mths and often up to 30mths and have the carcasses hung for at least 14 days the meat is much more mature and the taste is seconded to none in my opinion. See meat sales

The Dexter is a very maternal breed and they can be very protective of their calves in the early days so it is always advisable to be aware of this instinct and not to expose the cow and calf in early days to lots of visitors. Most are usually happy to share their new additions with their owners, but great care must be taken when tagging and dehorning.

Dexter will happily live out all year if they have some shelter to get out of extreme weather and are feed hay as an additional source of forage. However this will depend on the type of grazing you have available. See keeping Dexter’s